5 Stars Program

OUR INCENTIVE SCHEME – 5 star awards

The Idea Behind the 5 Star Awards Scheme

The ‘5 Star Awards’ Scheme is designed to encourage children to focus on their individual achievements, improve on their performances and reward them when they do so. It is structured to give encouragement to athletes of all levels of ability. Some of the younger children may need help initially in understanding what the 5 Star Award is all about.

How to participate in the 5 Star scheme

The 5 Star Tables for boys and girls are shown below. After sticking the event tickets in their Ticket Book at the end of each meeting, children should check to see if they have attained a new star level in any of their events. If they have, they can tick the circle of the level they have reached under the relevant event. At the next Centre meeting they place their Athlete’s Handbook, and the Ticket Book, in the Star Awards tray at the canteen. The tickets will be checked, coloured spots placed to indicate the star level reached, and the books placed in the tray by the end of the meeting.  When children have reached the same Star level in three events (one of the three must be a field event, except for U6s), they are eligible to have a star placed on their Award at the relevant level.  Almost all children will reach the 1 Star level in their events, either through natural ability or through coaching and practice. Once the 1 Star level has been reached, the aim is to then try and improve and attain the 2 Star level, then the 3 Star and so on. In doing this, they are competing only against themselves. Their placing in an event is irrelevant. What is important is whether they have achieved a new personal best (PB), and whether that PB has moved them up to the next star level.  To view the 5 Star Tables and to begin recording your achievements….click here.